Title:Dushanbe Trolleybus - Corporate Development Programme
Budget:194,000 EUR
Dates: January, 2013 - October, 2013
Partner: ROM Transportation Engineering LTD

Majority of transport services in Dushanbe are provided by minibuses, restructuring of the network by the City created the market conditions for improving the position of the trolleybus in Dushanbe. The main focus of this assignment was to assist the Trolleybus Company in preparation of Trolleybus Routes Priority Rehabilitation Plan, a Full Operational Plan, a Maintenance and Repair Programme and a Five-year Business Plan. Additionally, the assignment assisted the Company with the implementation of the signed Public Service Contract
Essentially, the objectives of this assignment were to:
Identify the best measure to rehabilitate the power supply, so that optimal use of the available fleet can be made; Improve the planning of business, operation and maintenance to assure optimal use of the available resources and assets within the framework of the PSC; Set the stage for a more effective and efficient operation of the Company in future years.