Title:Power Grid Improvement Project (PGI) Procurement Support for a new FMIS & IT System for EDL (PHASE II) and PHASE 3 -Implementation support
Budget:700,000 EUR
Dates: May, 2017 - May, 2019
Funding:World Bank

EDL decided to follow on from the activities under the previous contract undertaken by Corporate Solutions to design and develop the technical and functional specification for Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) and assist the company with the tendering and selection of the FMIS supplier. The previous contract resulted in the selection of one of the leading ERP packages and contracts of approx USD 4m in value, with a large IT system integration company.
The scope of the services of this assignment includes the provision of advisory services and guidance to EDL to effectively manage the FMIS supplier activities during the implementation period, ensure that the system meets the requirements of EDL and that it is implemented to a high level of quality standards. The ultimate aim is to ensure that a fully operational system is in place. In addition, EDL has embarked on the acquisition of a new billing system to replace its existing system and requires Corporate Solutions to provide management support to EDL for the implementation of this system too.
As part of the FMIS implementation project, it became clear that due to the technology and lack of support, the legacy HRM and payroll system could not be integrated with the new FMIS. Corporate Solutions is therefore also required to develop specifications and negotiate implementation of the HRM and Payroll system that will be integrated with the new FMIS and replace the current system used by the client.
The work covers the following areas:
FMIS tender support; Management support for the implementation of the new FMIS; Management support for the implementation of the new billing system.