Title:Roadmap Tariff Reform for Improved Sector Sustainability
Budget:768,780 EUR
Dates: June, 2018 - May, 2019

The objectives of the project are to assist the government of Uzbekistan and Uzbekenergo in establishing a cost recovery tariff and optimised tariff structure to contribute to the financial sustainability of Uzbekenergo.
The expected outputs of the project are described below:
a) Determining the real cost of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution;
b) Designing a cost recovery tariff strategy;
c) Designing a tariff structure with a differentiated tariff for classes of customers to replace the current, single tariff for all customers which allows cross-subsidization between customer classes; and
d) Developing a roadmap for a gradual increase in tariff to full cost recovery level by 2023. The Technical Assistant will reference international best practice in cost recovery tariff design in the power sector and assess the potential application and benefits specific to Uzbekistan''''s power sector