Title:Rural Electrification Phase II Project (REP II) - Review EDL's Financial Management Information & IT System Processes, Produce New FMIS & IT System Design Specifications, and Procurement and Implementation Support for a new FMIS & IT System for EDL
Budget:880,000 EUR
Dates: April, 2015 - November, 2019
Partner: -
Funding:World Bank

EDL is the monopoly electricity company in Laos and is responsible for Transmission and Distribution of electricity across the country. It also is a majority shareholder of electricity generation company (Egen) in Laos. In 2015, EDL appointed Corporate Solutions to assist it with the specification of a comprehensive and integrated Financial Management Information System (FMIS) to be introduced throughout the company supporting some 300 accounting staff. The Consultant was also required to prepare tender documentation for the FMIS and assist EDL with selection of a supplier. A supplier from Vietnam was selected to implement SAP for EDL following a competitive bidding process using World Bank standard bidding documents and procurement guidelines. Following the selection of the supplier, Corporate Solutions' contract was extended to support the company with managing the implementation of the new system and overseeing the supplier activities, In addition the Corporate Solutions was requested to review a parallel project to introduce a billing system and provide opinion as to the quality of the system and provide recommendations to bring the project on track. EDL is currently considering a further contract extension for Corporate Solutions to support the company with specification and implementation of Payroll and HR information systems.