Title:Project Preparation of Regional Gas Transmission Efficiency Enhancement Project
Budget:514,751 EUR
Dates: April, 2019 - April, 2020
Partner: Mott Macdonald

Uzbekistan government formulated its vision for the country, _Uzbekistan 2030_ with the aim of overcoming social and economic challenges. The government recognizes the strong link between energy and economic growth, and the urgency to sustain gas supply modernizing transmission infrastructure. In its vision of _Uzbekistan 2030_, the government is committed to promote resource-efficient growth model through (i) institutional and governance reforms in the energy sector with potential unbundling of upstream, mid-stream and downstream functions; (ii) rationalized and cost reflective pricing for energy resources (gas and electricity). Historically, ADB''''''''s support for the energy sector in Uzbekistan largely focused on electricity (generation, transmission and distribution). This project will be ADB''''''''s first sovereign investment in Uzbekistan specifically targeting energy efficiency through gas transmission modernization measures. The proposed project forms an essential part of Uzbekistan gas sector development plan and consistent with ADB''''''''s Strategy 2030.
The proposed project will address three key areas in the gas sector: (i) Uzbekistan gas transmission network upgraded; (ii) Uzbekneftegaz O&M practice enhanced; and (iii) Uzbekneftegaz corporate management strengthened. These outputs will result in the following outcome: Uzbekistan gas export transmission improved. The project is aligned with the following impact: reliability of gas transmission infrastructure strengthened.