Title:Mariupol City Consultancy on Improving the Legal Framework, Quality, and Financial Viability of the Public Transport System
Budget:185,000 EUR
Dates: June, 2020 - February, 2021
Partner: ITAC (Spain)
Funding:World Bank

The IFC and EBRD are investing considerably in the city of Mariupol''s urban transport sector, with the EBRD focusing on improving the public operator''s efficiency while IFC is focusing on improving the regulatory environment.

The purpose of this assignment is to assist the city to progressively elaborate and refine the detailed development of the new strategy. The project concentrates on the establishment of the regulatory authority and the definition of its main and functions and policies to strengthen the planning and monitoring capacity of the city. The assignment also aims at developing a long-term strategy for the city''s public transport, prepare an implementation plan for fare increases, build the capacity of the City to implement the optimized model for the designated route structure (previously prepared by IFC) as well as provide support on three pilot routes for gross-cost routes tendering for private operators.