Title:Talimarjan CCGT PPP, Environmental and Social Consultant
Budget:70,000 EUR
Dates: August, 2020 - April, 2021
Partner: N/A
Funding:World Bank

A bilateral agreement was signed between high government officials whereby it was agreed that Mubadala Investment Company (Investor) would acquire and expand the Talimarjan Thermal Power Plant. IFC will provide its advisory support in leading and structuring this transaction. IFC will assist the Government of Uzbekistan in developing and negotiating with the Investor the terms and conditions of the investment, to be detailed in the Project Agreements related to (i) the sale of the existing units of Talimarjan TPP (TPPO and TPP1) and, (ii) the agreement to design, build, and operate the new CCGT asset (TPP2). IFC’s overall scope of work includes, but not limited to review of the technical due diligence prepared by the Investor; structuring of the transaction and presenting to the Investor; preparation of a financial model; assessment of the tax implications support; and advising the government during the negotiations. However, the IFC has requested external support for the environmental and social components of the transaction.