Title:Khujand Airport Passenger Terminal Modernisation - Technical, Financial and Environmental Due Diligence
Budget:125,000 EUR
Dates: October, 2020 - December, 2021
Partner: N/A

Khujand International Airport has invested in the development of another passenger terminal which has not yet been completed, and this assignment relates to the development of the newly constructed terminal. The EBRD is considering supporting the introduction of:
- A new passenger and luggage registration system;
- An automated airport management and flight information system;
- A modern energy-efficient climate control system.
These will aid in increasing the terminal''s capacity from 150 to 400 passengers per hour.
The present assignment requires the preparation of the following, with regards to the planned investment: Technical evaluation; Financial and economic evaluation, and market review; Preparation of financial model; Environmental and social assessment; Assessment of current operations of the terminal and recommendations for improvements.