Title:Ukraine Public Transport Framework - Odessa Trolleybus Sub-Project - Corporate Development and Stakeholder Participation Programme
Budget:150,000 EUR
Dates: May, 2019 - May, 2021
Partner: -

The EBRD is considering a loan of up to EUR 8m to the Communal Enterprise Odesmiskelectrotrans in Odessa, to finance the acquisition of up to 47 new trolleybuses and rehabilitation/modernisation of essential maintenance equipment. The Company is a wholly-owned municipal public transport operator providing transportation services in the City. The Project will address key challenges in public transport infrastructure development in the municipality of Odessa, relating to improving access to clean urban transport, and improving the capacity and efficiency of public transport services. The EBRD''s investment will enable the Company to make trolleybus operations more efficient through improved accessibility, increasing the average service speed, decreasing maintenance intensity and costs, and upgrading the fleet with 20-25 percent more energy-efficient vehicles. As part of the EBRD''s framework contract, the Company has requested a Corporate Development Programme and Stakeholder Participation Programme.