Corporate Governance Services for the Multi-Phase Wastewater Rehabilitation Programme – Phase 1


Budget : 445,600 USD
Country : Trinidad and Tobago
Sector : Water and Sanitation
Dates : 2015 -
Partner : SAFEGE Consulting Engineering (France)
Funding : Inter-American Bank


  • Draft an effective legal and regulatory framework to transform WASA into a fully corporatized entity with managerial autonomy
  • Improve the regulatory framework to ensure that WASA, as a monopoly, is adequately and efficiently regulated
  • Adopt a new Corporate Governance model consistent with the approved Corporate Governance Action Plan (CGAP)
  • Prepare a roadmap for the transformation process with a target implementation of four years to accomplish WASA’s strategic objectives
  • Support the corporatization of WASA and the implementation of the new Corporate Governance model
  • Strengthen stakeholders’ management at WASA to increase accountability to political stakeholders, customers, investors, and creditors.