Egyptian National Railways: Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Capacity Building: Phases I and II


Budget : 373,225 EUR
Country : Egypt
Sector : Transport and Mobility
Dates : 2015 -
Partner : Railistics (Germany), MenaRail (Egypt), and Environics (Egypt)
Funding : EBRD


  • Prepare and disseminate a company-wide Environmental Management Policy
  • Develop and implement a solid, liquid, and hazardous waste management plan
  • Review the new Safety Management System and an Emergency Response Plan
  • Prepare safety procedures for the decommissioning of old engines and rolling stock
  • Introduce EHS requirements in procurement procedures and assessment of works
  • Conduct an EHS training needs analysis and design a training programme
  • Develop a Stakeholder Engagement Plan and grievance mechanism for passengers
  • Pilot the Environmental Management System in a large maintenance depot (El Farz)