Feasibility Study, Preparation of Designs and Bidding Documents, and Construction Monitoring: Water Supply and Sanitation in Kagan, Chartak and Yangiyul


Budget : 1,028,700 USD
Country : Uzbekistan
Sector : Water and Sanitation
Dates : 2019 -
Partner : Engineering Consultants Group (Egypt) and Diamond Network Limited (Uzbekistan)
Funding : World Bank


  • Analyse the current state of water supply and sanitation infrastructure
  • Identify investment needs and define a priority investment programme for each city
  • Propose alternative design options and calculate costs associated with each option
  • Conduct financial and economic analysis of the proposed investment projects
  • Prepare environment and social impact assessments of proposed investments
  • Develop an Environmental and Social Management Plan for each city
  • Prepare detailed designs and tender documents and oversee procurement
  • Provide construction monitoring services to support the implementation of projects