GFMIS High Level Implementation Architecture and Business Process Review


Budget : 138,573 USD
Country : Armenia
Sector : Public Sector Management
Dates : 2011 -
Partner : Sole Consultant
Funding : World Bank


  • Review and update the system specifications for the Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS) prepared by earlier consultants
  • Develop alternative high level GFMIS application architectures for three different options
  • Develop high level business processes pertinent to each of the three proposed options
  • Present the different options to the GFMIS Project Management Team, highlighting implications on the availability and costs of commercial off-the-shelf GFMIS licenses
  • Prepare cost estimates for the development of a bespoke GFMIS and a work plan and timetable
  • Provide guidance on and examples of different approaches adopted internationally to the implementation of a GFMIS to aid decisions by the Project Management Team