Infrastructure Regulation and Tariff Policy Development – Stage 2 – Implementation for Water Pilot Project


Budget : 500,000 EUR
Country : Kazakhstan
Sector : Water and Sanitation
Dates : 2016 -
Partner : Hydrophil GmbH (Austria) and Sachsen Wasser GmbH (Germany)
Funding : EBRD


  • Document efficiency, reliability, and quality performance of the pilot company
  • Introduce and promote RAB and WACC methodologies in tariff setting
  • Determine costs and implement a new costing and planning method
  • Design activity-based costing methodology and assist in its implementation
  • Prepare guidelines for investment planning and approval procedures
  • Calculate tariffs based on investment program and using RAB and WACC methods
  • Prepare a strategic five-year business plan with performance targets
  • Design a program for consumer metering and reducing non-revenue water
  • Determine the level of subsidies and recommend a governing regulatory framework