Institutional Development of Alat Free Economic Zone Authority (AFEZA)


Budget : 1,368,384 EUR
Country : Azerbaijan
Sector : Transport and Mobility
Dates : 2020 -
Partner : Garland Ormond International Ltd (Ireland)
Funding : State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture


  • Prepare laws and regulations to be complied with by AFEZ and all investors in ALAT and support their enactment
  • Develop, agree, and publish a business strategy and a business plan to guide the development of the project
  • Define key business processes for ALAT to govern its operational and administrative systems, including investor services, property management, HR, legal and finance
  • Design corporate and organisation structures for ALAT, including job descriptions and staffing plans
  • Draft and disseminate working methods, operating policies and manuals, and provide training and study tours
  • Prepare an IT strategy and specifications, and implement an MIS covering Customer Relationship Management, Property Allocation System, Finance and HRM.
  • Provide operational support in engaging with investors, pipeline management, and offer ongoing support to all other functions.