Khujand Airport Passenger Terminal Modernisation – Technical, Financial and Environmental Due Diligence


Budget : 125,000 EUR
Country : Tajikistan
Sector : Transport and Mobility
Dates : 2020 -
Partner : Sole consultant
Funding : EBRD


q Analyse historical traffic volumes and prepare long-range traffic forecasts
q Define the future capacity needs of the terminal and the best development options
q Review the financial performance of the airport and prepare financial projections
q Examine the existing terminal and assess the appropriateness of the proposed design
q Assess current operations of the terminal and recommend improvements.
q Prepare proposals and costing for a new passenger and luggage registration system
q Evaluate requirements for an airport management and flight information system
q Promote the use of a modern energy-efficient climate control system
q Conduct an environmental and social impact assessment
q Prepare a feasibility study and generate recommendations for the Bank