Long Term Technical Assistance for the Improvement of Management and Maintenance of the Road Network in the Ivory Coast


Budget : 2,900,000 EUR
Country : Ivory Coast
Sector : Transport and Mobility
Dates : 2012 -
Partner : SAFEGE (France), WYG (UK), and Str@tec-Arc (Ivory Coast)
Funding : EU


  • Reform the institutional framework for the management and maintenance of road infrastructure and define a sector policy and strategy
  • Ensure that the programming of road maintenance is realistic, feasible and is based on up-to-date and reliable data about the road network
  •  Implement effective and transparent procedures for the procurement of works and services for the road infrastructure
  • Ensure that maintenance work is more effectively managed and delivered, in line with the results of financial, economic, and technical studies
  • Assur the financial resources allocated to road maintenance are handled transparently, effectively, and efficiently