Mariupol City Consultancy: Improving the Legal Framework, Quality, and Financial Viability of the Public Transport System


Budget : 220,000 USD
Country : Ukraine
Sector : Transport and Mobility
Dates : 2020 -
Partner : ITAC (Spain)
Funding : World Bank


  • Develop a long-term strategy for Mariupol city’s urban public transport
  • Conduct financial analysis and prepare a plan for fares and subsidies
  • Prepare a legal analysis to identify challenges and barriers to private bus operators
  • Advise on establishing a regulatory authority and define its roles and responsibilities
  • Recommend measures for strengthening the city’s capacity to regulate the sector
  • Draft a performance-based contract for bus operators (gross or cost contracting)
  • Identify pilot routes to be tendered competitively and assess their financial viability
  • Support the tendering of three pilot routes based on gross-cost contracting