Rehabilitation of Water and Wastewater System in Naryn – Phase II: Corporate Development, Social Support and Stakeholder Participation Programme


Budget : 398,675 EUR
Country : Kyrgyzstan
Sector : Water and Sanitation
Dates : 2022 -
Partner : PM Consulting LLC (Kyrgyzstan)
Funding : EBRD


  • Conduct an analysis of the financial and operational performance of the company
  • Prepare a Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme (FOPIP)
  • Improve tariff setting, increase revenue collection, and reduce non-revenue water
  • Support the implementation of FOPIP and conduct training events
  • Assist in preparing IFRS financial statements and support annual audits
  • Develop and adopt a medium-term Corporate Development (Business) Plan
  • Introduce a modern computerised Financial Management Information System
  • Draft a performance-based Public Service Contract and support its signing
  • Assist with the implementation of the Environmental and Social Action plan
  • Design and implement a Stakeholder Participation and Communication Programme