Independent Verification Agent for the Electricity Access for Low Income Households in Zambia


Budget : 268,320 EUR
Country : Zambia
Sector : Power and Energy
Dates : 2016 -
Partner : Soft White 60 Corporation (Canada)
Funding : World Bank


  • Prepare and administer a questionnaire targeted to consumers as part of the verification process to assess the impact of the programme and to collect socio-economic information
  • Formulate a verification plan to verify the electricity connections for households and State-owned enterprises
  • Develop a database for storing questionnaires filled by consumers and the analysis of the results
  • Carry out on-site verification information collected through questionnaires through conducting sample observations of connections in different parts of the country
  • Prepare a verification confirmation report and provide an analysis of the “Electricity Access for Low-income Households in Zambia