Preparation of Rogun HPP Project Financing Plan and Development of Power Purchase Agreements for Rogun HPP


Budget : 1,480,650 USD
Country : Tajikistan
Sector : Power and Energy
Dates : 2023 -
Partner : RTE international (JV Partner), Dentons Europe LLT (Sub-Consultant)
Funding : World Bank


  • Prepare a financial model as the basis for preformulating a strategy, financing structure, and plan
  • Identify a short-list of large industrial companies to purchase electricity directly from, draft the PPAs, and support any legal and regulatory amendments required
  • Summarise supply and demand balance forecasts for main export markets (i.e. Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan)
  • Document the capacity and technical specifications of export lines and estimating investments needs
  • Draft a list of technical specifications, propose obligations and responsibilities for each party, prepare a technical and commercial report on terms of the PPAs, and draft head of terms
  • Support the preparation of PPAs for the sale of electricity from Rogun to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
  • Prepare a plan for negotiating PPAs and support the Government in the negotiations and signing of the domestic and export PPAs