Reform Roadmap and Implementation Plan for the Gas Sector


Budget : 200,000 USD
Country : Uzbekistan
Sector : Power and Energy
Dates : 2020 -
Partner : Mott MacDonald (UK) and Dentons (Uzbekistan)
Funding : World Bank


  • Prepare a diagnostic of the legal and regulatory framework, sector structure, and institutional setup and prepare a comprehensive problem statement
  • Evaluate the operational and financial performance of the gas sector
  • Consolidate studies carried out related to gas market design and reforms
  • Conduct a gap analysis and performance of each segment in the supply chain
  • Benchmark the gas sector performance against international best practices
  • Assess the potential to attract foreign investment in the value chain
  • Define a vision for the gas sector and quantify the benefits it will offer
  • Design a roadmap to achieve the stated vision of the government for the sector
  • Prepare an implementation plan with clear goals, milestones and timetable