Regional Power Transmission Project – Sector Operational Performance Improvement


Budget : 14,030,300 USD
Country : Tajikistan
Sector : Power and Energy
Dates : 2012 -
Partner : MHI Ltd (Canada), Kema (Netherlands), and Janson Baugniet (Belgium)
Funding : ADB


  • Assist with transitional steps for unbundling and establishing a sector regulator
  • Prepare draft decrees for legal restructuring and charters for unbundled entities
  • Value assets, allocate assets to new legal entities, and prepare balance sheets
  • Create generation, transmission and distribution entities and a Market Operator
  • Design a financial settlement mechanism and an escrow account
  • Draft model power purchase agreement and prepare a Grid Code
  • Develop a cost recovery tariff methodology and define regulatory framework
  • Draft and tender a performance-based management contract for distribution
  • Prepare a development master plan and a list of prioritised investment projects
  • Implement a Decision Support System to manage operation of Vakhsh cascade
  • Define a consumer metering programme for seven key regions