Roadmap for Electricity Tariff Reform for Improved Sector Sustainability


Budget : 646,750 EUR
Country : Uzbekistan
Sector : Power and Energy
Dates : 2018 -
Partner :
Funding : ADB


  • Review sector organization, institutions, and legal and regulatory framework
  • Examine productivity and efficiency of generation, transmission and distribution
  • Review development plan and quantify investment commitments
  • Conduct a cost of service supply study for key categories of consumers
  • Review current tariff method and compare to international standards
  • Examine data used for pricing and validate against the government policy
  • Draft a new tariff policy and methodology and implementation action plan
  • Prepare financial projections for 10 years, including OPEX and CAPEX
  • Prepare a financial recovery plan, including a tariff increase trajectory
  • Develop an approach to public information campaign to support tariff reforms