Upgrading the Management of the Energy Sector – Project Management and Capacity Building


Budget : 799,650 EUR
Country : Cyprus
Sector : Power and Energy
Dates : 2009 -
Partner : KEMA Consulting (Germany)
Funding : European Union


  • Review the operations of generation, transmission, distribution and supply functions and unbundle transmission at the management and accounting levels
  • Develop management and operating systems to improve network economics and security of supply, as well as improve tariff systems, billing, collection, and costumer care
  • Monitor the supply and set-up of the SCADA system for the transmission network, Electrometer laboratory, Electrometer and automated meter reading system (AMR), and network analysis and simulation software
  • Prepare separate balance sheets and financial budgets for generation, transmission and distribution functions, and a business plan for the company
  • Assist the new companies with developing appropriate management structures and provide technical support and develop transmission and distribution codes