Ust-Kamenogorsk Solid Waste Management (SWM) – Capacity Building and Corporate Development


Budget : 300,000 EUR
Country : Kazakhstan
Sector : Solid Waste Management
Dates : 2022 -
Partner : BDC Consulting (Kazakhstan)
Funding : EBRD


  • Revise SWM legislation to establish effective financial, operational and environmental management, and clearly outline the roles of each stakeholder
  • Enhance tendering and contractual arrangements for waste collection and transportation, and introduce service contracts based on quality incentives
  • Develop a new cost recovery Landfill Gate Fee setting methodology based on a charge levied upon the weight (in tonnes) of waste
  • Advise on end user tariffs setting, subsidising, and revenue collection and protection to secure financial stability of the sector
  • Increase public awareness about the importance of adequate SWM, including encouraging source-separation, recycling and resource efficiency
  • Maintain satisfactory accounting, cost control and management information systems and books of account in accordance with IFRS